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What is a Conservancy?

A Conservancy is defined as "the voluntary association between land owners/users to manage their properties in an environmentally friendly manner without changing the land use."

The two conditions for establishing a Conservancy are therefore that

   "The area be co-operatively managed by the community".  The primary aim of Thorntree Conservancy is conservation and management.  The Conservancy can benefit the residents of Walker's Fruit Farms by supplying advice in order to improve our natural environment, resulting in more profitable properties and healthier surroundings.  Healthy surroundings will also make the area more attractive to visitors and increase the value of properties

   That this Conservancy be registered as such with the Department of Nature Conservation, Gauteng (which we are).  The Department will not interfere with the running of the Conservancy, but are there in a purely supportive and advisory capacity.  In the same vein, the Conservancy will not interfere with the running of individual plots or farms, but will assist Conservancy members who request information regarding environmentally friendly farming methods, the burning of firebreaks, control of invader plants, etc.  We want this Conservancy to succeed and will not alienate members by either giving bad advice or by prescribing how they should run their business.

Presently the Conservancy has a very active committee and membership base, but would ultimately like the support of ALL the members of the community.  We need to have a strong voice in order to protect our area from threats to the environment and community.

Show your support by becoming a member and taking an active part in the running and activities of the Conservancy.  If we all look after what we have in this beautiful area, we will all benefit.

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